Heycop is your expert assembly partner. With more than 100 years of experience, Heycop has the necessary knowledge to expertly assemble your product.

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We provide varying assemblies,
from simple to complex.


Efficient assembly process thanks to
experience and dedicated staff.


Tailored process to
your product needs.

Total Partner

We also offer logistics and
stock solutions.

Assembly Specialist

With our expertise and skilled teams, each product is assembled seamlessly and with extreme precision, resulting in high-quality and reliable finished products that meet the required quality standards.

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Solutions according to the strictest requirements

We devise the optimal total solution for your product and assemble it to the required standards.

Assembly Department

From our modern premises, we have an assembly department of about 350 m². This department is separated from the machinery and is located in an air-conditioned environment.

Meeting standard requirements

By using digital assembly instructions according to ISO 9001 standards, your products will meet the requested requirements.

Meeting specific requirements

In some cases, products must meet special requirements. Heycop has designed and produced special test fixtures for several customers.

Both simple and challenging

We offer a diverse range of assemblies, ranging from easy to complex to assemble products.

Heycop: your full-service partner

As a total partner, we not only specialize in high-quality product assembly, but our expertise also includes CNC machining, casting and customized logistics solutions such as inventory management.

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Looking for more comprehensive advice for your assembly issue? Then contact Heycop at +31 (0)30 6353565 or With us you have come to the right place for the complete assembly process.

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“Heycop is een ware meester in de maakindustrie, waar vakmanschap en kwaliteit samenkomen om grenzen te verleggen.”
John Stone

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