Discover the power of Heycops casting. With more than 100 years of expertise in foundry technology, we offer solutions to produce multi-part products, such as welded structures, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Casting Specialist

Heycop is the specialist in casting and molding. Using the latest technologies, we provide high-quality castings. Our quality control process ensures that every casting that leaves our facility meets the requested standards and all customer specifications. We offer a full service, from design to finished product, including machining, assembly and finishing.

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Looking for more extensive casting advice? Or do you need professional and experienced guidance on your casting questions? Then contact Heycop at +31 (0)30 6353565 or With us you have come to the right place for professional casting.

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Smart casting methods for simplified production

We leverage our knowledge and network to make every production process easier. We focus on adding value in every process. With our approach, you don’t have to compromise on quality.


With skill and knowledge, we provide specialized raw and machined castings.

Optimal value for money

During the design of castings, we consider machining and fixturing methods. This benefits you; both in terms of quality and cost.

Fixed network

We maintain relationships with established suppliers for castings. Our extensive network includes non-ferrous foundries (such as aluminum, copper, brass and bronze) and iron foundries. Suppliers are located both inside and outside Europe. This enables us to always make the most appropriate choice in terms of material and casting technique.

Simplified production process

The use of castings minimizes the need for additional work, such as welding.

Heycop: your full-service partner

From the initial concept to the final end product, we offer a comprehensive service focused on quality, value creation and affordability.

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“Heycop is een ware meester in de maakindustrie, waar vakmanschap en kwaliteit samenkomen om grenzen te verleggen.”
John Stone

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