3D design and modeling

3D design or 3D modeling of a product starts with defining the desired end result. This involves looking at the end user and how they will apply the product, in this Heycop can offer a leading role. Consider supporting an initial idea to a working prototype. Here Heycop provides support in all facets according to the ISO9001 design structure.

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Once the desired end result is defined, the design process can begin. This can be done from a sketch but also by reverse engineering from an existing part using our 3D laser scanner the Absolute Arm.

One of the biggest advantages of 3D design is the complete visualization of the object. After all, it is possible to view them from all sides. In addition, it is often easier to make changes in a 3D design process than in a 2D design process. For 3D modeling of a product, it is wise to choose guidance from an experienced 3D designer. After all, the initial design is fatal to the final product.

From 3D design to final product

After working out your 3D design, we can move on to the physical final product. The 3D model can be used to address issues such as price, material selection, strength calculations, etc.. define. Once all this is determined, the opportunity lends itself to actually start making the product.

We often start by 3D printing the parts to have a physical representation of the part at relatively low cost. This is so that any adjustments before the actual creation can still be observed. If there is sufficient confidence in the product, we can actually start realizing it through our extensive capabilities.

If it is a cast product, the first step will be to commission casting dies and do a trial casting. If successful, we can begin further process steps such as, for example, CNC machining, surface treatment and assembly.

New products are always delivered to us with a First Article Inspection (FAI).

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Thanks to our innovative nature and advanced machinery, we develop optimal solutions and prototypes of high quality.


One of the most recent innovations within measurement technology is the use of laser measurements. Heycop has invested in the Hexagon Absolute Arm, an advanced 3D laser scanner. This results in accuracy and speed advantages in measurements.

Reverse engineering

By using the Absolute Arm, we initiate reverse engineering processes, which allows us to analyze, replicate and improve products.


With our 3D laser scanner, we scan products with a precision of 16 microns. Quality control includes a comparison between the 3D files of the casting and the physical casting. This is how we identify and visualize any abnormalities at an early stage.


Thanks to our 3D printer and machinery, we easily visualize a first prototype.

3D modeling at Heycop: beginning of the process

Heycop has more than 100 years of experience in metalworking and the foundry industry. Among our many specialties is guidance on 3D design. We take full responsibility for the complete process of the product. You can come to us with a final drawing, or just an idea or sketch. Heycop then assists you in further 3D modeling. We would like to work with you to achieve a crystallized and optimal product that meets your needs. Heycop specializes in the machining of castings. In addition, machining products from bar or sheet materials is also daily business. Heycop thus offers expert guidance even after the 3D model is completed in the process of manufacturing your product.

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Interested in 3D design or 3D modeling? Or need expert advice from an experienced metalworking expert? Then contact Heycop at +31 (0)30 6353565 or info@heycop.com. We are ready for all your questions about 3D Design 3D modeling.

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