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Heycop is a reliable full-service supplier: quality, efficiency and convenience under one roof. Discover the benefits for your business.

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Highest quality

Guaranteed high quality in every component.


We reduce your costs through efficient procurement, production and logistics.

Fast delivery times

Delivery is tailored to your needs even for last-minute orders.

Committed partner

Personal support, involved in your success.

Completely unburdened

Heycop has been a dedicated full-service supplier for more than 100 years. Our commitment to the highest quality standards ensures that every product and part meets your expectations. In addition, our extensive network of carefully selected suppliers allows us to provide consistency and reliability for any type of part needed. With Heycop, choose a partnership where you are completely taken care of, enjoy the best prices and are always assured of top quality.

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From production to order

Nothing is too crazy for us. If we cannot produce it ourselves, we will arrange it with one of our partners. Not enough storage yourself? No problem we keep the products in stock and deliver on demand.

Transparent communication

We like open and transparent communication. Please communicate your requirements and we will indicate what the possibilities are. If you have any questions, there is always someone ready to serve you immediately.

Easy ordering

Simply place your order. Our planning then ensures the parts are on time so you can meet your production schedules and delivery deadlines.

Inventory management & logistics

From our modern premises we have a large warehouse of +/- 350 m². Your parts are safely stored and available at any time. Heycop handles all logistics from procurement to delivery so you don’t have to worry about this.

Order on demand

We ship your order on demand. This reduces inventory costs and required warehouse space while maintaining the flexibility to replenish inventory in a timely manner.

Heycop: your complete production partner

We notice a growing need among customers to outsource various facets of both the production process and the logistics chain. As a full-service supplier, we are ready to fully support you in this.

In addition to milling, the finished product often undergoes surface treatment, assembly and packaging. Accommodating these steps with one supplier brings benefits. This approach reduces logistical complexity, eliminates the need to hold intermediate inventories and provides better quality management.

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