The Heycop quality system is ISO-9001 certified. Quality is paramount at Heycop and our process is fully geared to this end. Without a thorough final inspection, products do not go to the customer. To perform this final inspection, Heycop has high-tech measuring equipment in-house and qualified personnel.

Advanced Quality Control at Heycop

Discover Heycop’s uncompromising standard of quality! Our ISO-9001 certified quality system ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards. Using advanced technologies such as the Hexagon Global S CMM-CNC measuring machine and the Absolute Arm 3D laser scanner, we provide highly accurate product evaluation. Whether it’s automated measurements, detailed measurement reports, or innovative 3D scans for quality control and reverse engineering, Heycop delivers precision at the micron level.

CNC CMM Measuring at Heycop

Heycop measures your products with a Hexagon Global S CMM CNC measuring machine. This high-tech measuring machine is a step forward in quality control at Heycop. The machine allows us to measure through products in a fully automated way and generate measurement reports. It operates with an accuracy of 1.5 microns, a fully indexable probe, and gives the option of trailing measurement. For more information about the measuring machine, please visit the Hexagon MI website.

CNC - CMM Measuring


3D scanning at Heycop

One of the most recent developments in measurement technology is laser measurement. As part of innovation and development, Heycop has invested in a 3D laser scanner from Hexagon, the Absolute Arm. This scanner allows us to scan your products with an accuracy of 16 microns. This allows quality control and reverse engineering processes to be deployed. In addition, an accurate comparison can be made between the 3D files of the casting and the casting itself to visualize any discrepancies in advance.

3D scanning

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