High voltage

Since its founding in 1906, Heycop has been producing components for the high voltage industry. We provide a variety of products and shapes aluminum and copper power conductors. With this, Heycop has been supplying Europe’s largest power suppliers with switches and plugs for decades. Our largest customer in this is Siemens Energy.

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Precision is at the heart of our production process.


We provide varying assemblies, from simple to complex.

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Top-level CNC technology for perfect results.

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We also offer logistics and inventory solutions.

High voltage switches Siemens

Since 2010, Heycop has also been assembling complete gas-insulated High Voltage switches and sub-assemblies for Siemens. In doing so, we take care of the entire process from project planning, production of parts in our own factory, sourcing of materials and parts from specialized suppliers, assembly and testing up to 300,000 volts. The switches must meet the highest standards and are subjected to a 100% test by Siemens. Heycop has a separate conditioned room and qualified staff.

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Through innovation, efficiency and in-house assembly, we always provide you with high quality for the best price.


Delivering consistent quality in our CNC machined parts is our starting point. Thanks to our quality control systems, we minimize errors, defects and deviations, and consistently deliver high-quality parts.

Optimal value for money

During the design of castings, we consider machining and fixturing methods. This benefits you; both in terms of quality and cost.


Thanks to our 3D printer and machinery, we easily visualize a first prototype.

Assembly Department

From our modern premises, we have an assembly department of about 350 m². This department is separated from the machinery and is located in an air-conditioned environment.

Plugs and sockets Prysmian

Heycop produces for Prysmian the plugs and sockets belonging to the so-called CLICK-FIT system of Prysmian Cables and Systems. The CLICK-FIT® plug-in concept is a unique system specially developed for connecting extruded cables for (extra-)high voltage, from 72kV to 420kV.

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“Heycop is een ware meester in de maakindustrie, waar vakmanschap en kwaliteit samenkomen om grenzen te verleggen.”
John Stone

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